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Norway Airports: Gateways to the North

Norway, renowned for its stunning natural landscapes, rich history, and modern cities, is served by a network of airports located across the country. These airports provide domestic and international flights, facilitating travel and access to various destinations for visitors and locals alike.
Norway Airports Webcam Aktuell Live
Gol Klanten Lufthavn

Hamar Lufthavn

Honefoss Lufthavn

Kjeller Lufthavn

Lunde Nome Lufthavn

Molde Lufthavn

Oppdal Lufthavn


Os Vaksinen Ulve Lufthavn

Roros Lufthavn

Skien Lufthavn

Stavanger Lufthavn Stord Luftamn; Stord Lufthavn

Oslo Airport – Gardermoen (OSL)

Located in the outskirts of Oslo, the capital city, Oslo Airport is the largest and busiest airport in Norway. Serving as a major hub for international flights, it offers connections to numerous cities worldwide, along with domestic flights to various destinations across Norway.

Bergen Airport – Flesland (BGO)

Bergen Airport serves the city of Bergen on the western coast of Norway. Situated in the suburb of Flesland, this airport is a key hub for both domestic and international flights, providing access to the stunning natural beauty of Western Norway.

Stavanger Airport – Sola (SVG)

Stavanger Airport serves the southwestern city of Stavanger, known as the hub of the country’s oil industry. Located in the suburb of Sola, this airport is an important gateway for both domestic and international flights.

Trondheim Airport – Værnes (TRD)

Trondheim Airport serves the city of Trondheim in central Norway. Situated in the suburb of Værnes, this airport is a major hub for domestic and international flights, as well as a transit point for flights heading to Northern Norway.

Bodø Airport – Bodø (BOO)

Bodø Airport serves the city of Bodø in northern Norway, near the Arctic Circle. This strategically located airport serves as a key hub for flights to Northern Norway and provides access to the Arctic region.

Exploring Norway

Norway’s airports serve as gateways to the country’s magnificent natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. With international and domestic flights operating year-round, travelers can easily explore every corner of this captivating country.


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