Grenzübergang Mamonowo Grzechotki Webcam Live

Grzechotki (deutsch Rehfeld) ist ein Dorf in der polnischen Woiwodschaft Ermland-Masuren und liegt – in unmittelbarer Nähe zur Grenze nach Russland – im Powiat Braniewski (Braunsberg). Der kleine Ort ist Teil der Landgemeinde Braniewo. Grenzübergang Mamonowo Grzechotki Webcam Live…Mamonowo Grzechotki Grenzübergang Webcam Live
Welcome to Mamonovo Border Crossing


Gateway Between Russia and Europe

Explore the seamless connection between Russia and Europe at the Mamonovo border crossing. Situated in the Kaliningrad Oblast, this crossing point plays a crucial role in facilitating travel and trade between two continents.

Key Features:

  • Strategic Location: Mamonovo is strategically located, serving as a vital link between Russia and the European Union. The crossing is an essential transit point for both commercial and passenger traffic.
  • Efficient Border Control: The Mamonovo border crossing is equipped with modern facilities to ensure smooth and efficient border control procedures. Travelers can expect a streamlined process for visa checks and customs clearance.
  • Trade and Commerce: The crossing is a hub for international trade, connecting businesses and industries on both sides of the border. Efficient logistics and customs procedures make Mamonovo a preferred route for transporting goods.

Traveler Information:

  • Visa Requirements: Travelers are advised to check and fulfill the visa requirements for both Russia and the European Union before approaching the Mamonovo border crossing.
  • Facilities at the Crossing: Rest areas, information centers, and basic amenities are available to make the journey comfortable for travelers. Cafes and shops provide refreshments and necessities.
  • Traffic Updates: Stay informed about current traffic conditions and any travel advisories before planning your journey through the Mamonovo border crossing.

Explore the Surroundings:

  • Kaliningrad Oblast: Take the opportunity to explore the unique culture and attractions of the Kaliningrad Oblast, a Russian exclave between Poland and Lithuania. Visit historical sites, museums, and enjoy the local cuisine.
  • European Destinations: Beyond the border, discover the diverse destinations of the European Union. Plan your onward journey to explore the rich history and vibrant cultures of neighboring countries.

Plan Your Journey:

Whether you are a tourist, a business traveler, or a truck driver transporting goods, the Mamonovo border crossing is ready to facilitate your journey. Plan ahead, stay informed, and make your crossing experience smooth and efficient.

Safe Travels!

Welcome to the Mamonovo border crossing – where borders become bridges, connecting people and opportunities.



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