A1 Maribor Ljubljana Autobahn Webcam Live

A1 Motorway – Maribor to Ljubljana

The A1 motorway is a vital transportation route in Slovenia, linking the second-largest city, Maribor, with the capital city, Ljubljana. This well-maintained highway serves as a crucial link for both domestic and international traffic.

A1 Maribor Ljubljana Autobahn Webcam Live
For passing through Slovenia, we advise all drivers to check the traffic conditions and weather conditions on the roads. This webcam captures Fram A1, on the A1/E57 road between Maribor and Ljubljana.

Vrhole Maribor – Ljubljana

Tepanje Maribor – Ljubljana

Škedenj Maribor – Ljubljana


Route and Distance

The A1 motorway spans approximately 136 kilometers, connecting Maribor in the northeastern part of Slovenia to Ljubljana in the central region. This route is of significant importance for commuters, businesses, and freight transport, providing a convenient and efficient connection between the two cities.

Scenic Landscape

Traveling on the A1 offers motorists scenic views of Slovenia’s diverse landscapes. The motorway passes through picturesque regions, allowing travelers to experience the country’s natural beauty as they journey between Maribor and Ljubljana.

Key Interchanges

The A1 motorway features important interchanges, including connections to other major highways and routes. These interchanges contribute to the overall efficiency of Slovenia’s road network, enabling smooth traffic flow.

Toll System

As of my knowledge cutoff in January 2022, the A1 motorway in Slovenia operates on a toll system. Drivers are required to pay tolls for the use of the motorway. It’s advisable to check the latest toll rates and payment methods, as they may be subject to change.

Public Transportation

In addition to private vehicles, the A1 corridor is well-connected to public transportation options. Bus services may also operate along this route, providing an alternative for those who prefer not to drive.

Infrastructure and Maintenance

The Slovenian government places a strong emphasis on the maintenance and improvement of the A1 motorway. Regular upgrades and repairs are conducted to ensure the safety and quality of the road infrastructure.

The A1 motorway plays a crucial role in Slovenia’s transportation network, fostering economic activity and facilitating travel between Maribor and Ljubljana. Whether for business or leisure, this route provides a convenient and scenic journey through Slovenia.


The web camera captures A1/E57, Maribor – Ljubljana, place Fram A1. The camera shoots in the direction of Maribor. See our other publications, with a complete list of cameras in Slovenia.


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