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Heidi Alm Falkert Webcam Nord Aktuell Live

Heidi Alm Falkert is a family-oriented mountain resort located in Carinthia, Austria. Known for its picturesque landscapes and child-friendly amenities, it offers a unique charm, especially for those traveling with children.

Heidi Alm Falkert Webcam Nord Aktuell Live

  • Location: Heidi Alm Falkert is nestled in the Nockberge mountains at an altitude of around 1,700 to 2,300 meters. It is in the region of Carinthia, which is in the southern part of Austria.
  • Family Focus: The resort is designed with families in mind, boasting the title of “the first children’s mountain in Europe”. It’s inspired by the beloved children’s character Heidi and aims to bring the story to life in its environment and activities.
  • Accommodations: Accommodation options at Heidi Alm Falkert include family-friendly hotels, alpine huts, and holiday apartments. Many of these are geared towards ensuring a comfortable stay for both adults and children.
  • Activities: During the winter, the area is popular for skiing and snowboarding, with ski schools available for beginners and children. In summer, activities shift to hiking, mountain biking, and exploring the Heidi-Alm adventure park, which has playgrounds and thematic trails.
  • Heidi-Alm Children’s Adventure Park: This park is the centerpiece of the resort, featuring a variety of attractions based on the Heidi story, including Heidi’s House, the Petting Zoo, and a thematic trail through the scenic landscape.
  • Accessibility: Heidi Alm Falkert can be accessed by car and is relatively close to cities like Klagenfurt, which has the nearest airport. The resort prides itself on being eco-friendly, encouraging visitors to appreciate and preserve the natural surroundings.
  • Events: The resort hosts a range of seasonal events and activities designed to engage families and children, from guided walks to storytelling sessions.

For the latest updates, events, and details about accommodations or specific activities, it’s recommended to visit the official website of Heidi Alm Falkert or contact their tourist information center, as the offerings and conditions may vary with the seasons or from year to year.


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