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Bogorodica Border Crossing Webcam Live

The “Bogorodica Border Crossing” is a border crossing between North Macedonia and Greece. It is sometimes referred to as the “Bogorodica-Evzoni Border Crossing” because it connects the village of Bogorodica in North Macedonia with the village of Evzoni in Greece. This border crossing is an important gateway for travelers moving between the two countries.


Bordercontrol North Macedonia from Greece. Border crossing checkpoint at Bogorodica – Entrance, Live Streaming.Real-time traffic conditions, North Macedonia Bogorodica (Gevgelija, Gevgeli, Gjevgjeli)  Greece Evzonoi (Εύζωνοι, Mačukovo, Machukovo), Border Crossing.

Bogorodica Border Crossing Webcam Live

Here are some key details about the Bogorodica Border Crossing:

Location: The Bogorodica Border Crossing is situated in the southeastern part of North Macedonia, near the town of Gevgelija, and it connects to the northern Greek region of Central Macedonia.

Importance: This border crossing is significant for both tourism and trade between North Macedonia and Greece. It is a common route for travelers heading to Greece from North Macedonia or vice versa.

Border Facilities: The crossing is equipped with customs and immigration facilities on both sides, allowing for the processing of travelers and goods. Travelers should be prepared to present their identification and any necessary travel documents when passing through.

Operating Hours: Border crossing points typically have specific operating hours, and these hours may vary seasonally or due to other factors. It’s a good idea to check the current operating hours before planning your trip.

Travel Considerations: Travelers should be aware of any visa requirements or entry regulations for both North Macedonia and Greece, depending on their nationality. Additionally, it’s a good idea to check for any updates or travel advisories related to border crossings before your journey.

Please keep in mind that border conditions and regulations can change, so it’s essential to stay informed about the latest requirements and conditions before traveling through the Bogorodica Border Crossing or any other international border crossing

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