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Webcams Agli in Kastamonu Live

Ağlı is a district of Zonguldak province in the Black Sea Region of Turkey. It is also a town and municipality that forms the center of the district. Ağlı is located in a coastal area northeast of Zonguldak city centre.

Webcams Agli in Kastamonu Live

Ağlı district and its surroundings are known for their natural beauty, coastal areas and mining activities. The clean sea water and natural beaches of the Black Sea in Ağlı offer an attractive destination for visitors. In addition, thermal tourism has also developed in the region.

The mining industry is also important in Ağlı. As one of the mining villages of Zonguldak province, coal mines operate in this region.

Ağlı is a place that attracts the attention of both local people and tourists with its natural beauties, sea and mining history. During your visit to Zonguldak, you may want to explore the seaside town atmosphere of Ağlı and the natural beauties around it.



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