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Renton Airport Webcam Aktuell Live

Renton Municipal Airport, also known as Clayton Scott Field, is a public-use airport located in Renton, King County, Washington, United States.

Renton Airport Webcam Aktuell Live


Here are some key details about the airport:

  1. Ownership and Usage: Owned by the City of Renton, the airport serves general aviation needs for Renton and nearby communities, providing services for air charter, air taxi, corporate, business, and recreational flyers​​.
  2. Location: It’s situated approximately 12 miles southeast of downtown Seattle, near the southern end of Lake Washington. The airport has facilities for both floatplane and wheeled aircraft, with a floating dock and launching ramp for conversions between water and land takeoffs and landings​​.
  3. Proximity to Boeing Factory: Adjacent to the Boeing Renton Factory, which manufactures 737s and formerly 757s, Renton Airport serves as the initial point of departure for airplanes produced at this facility​​.
  4. Facilities: The airport covers an area of 170 acres at an elevation of 32 feet above mean sea level. It has one asphalt and concrete runway, measuring 5,382 by 200 feet​​.
  5. Operations and Aircraft: In 2016, the airport reported 122,908 aircraft operations, averaging 337 per day. As of July 2017, there were 337 aircraft based at the airport, including single-engine, multi-engine, jets, and helicopters​​.

For more detailed information, you might want to visit the airport’s official website or contact the City of Renton.


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